Hurricane KatrinaHere is a Category 5 hurricane nearing the Louisiana coast exactly five years ago today. A few hours after this picture was taken, Katrina came on in.

The storm was on a Monday.  Saturday and Sunday were comparatively festive, the traffic moving slowly to and through Maringouin in contraflow. Monday classes had already been canceled. There was a pre-storm dance Sunday afternoon, with fiddlers.

We never feel these storms as much in Maringouin but the heavy atmosphere of the outer bands was here, and we were tense and worried about what might happen en ville.

We fed the ducks.

Then the storm had come through and it hadn’t been as bad as one feared, and we drank wine. Then the levees broke. I remember that for about six hours there were people unable to grasp the news. I had grasped it instantly and knew its meaning, which was the basis for my own state of shock.


2 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Yeah, it is always to be in the worst position — to grasp what was about to happen and to know its meaning. That is the same feeling I had when the Bush types were accusing Iraq of having weapons of mass destruction and I knew already, from the bullying tone of the accusation, along with the repetition of the accusation that is must necessarily be ideological only, because the truth proceeds by quiet steps.

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