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Steak with Four Peppers

We live in the country and share food. Food I have received in the past includes, but is not limited to ducks and squirrel (“they’re clean, Ma’am, but watch out for the buckshot, I may not have gotten it all”), and has extended more recently to honey from bee-loud glades. Now somebody with cows has brought sirloin steaks.

I rubbed them in Creole seasoning and left them for two days. Then I coated them with olive oil and basalmic vinegar, and left them another day. Then I grilled them rare, and ground sea salt and black and green pepper onto them, and put a pungent bit of parsley from my parsley fields next to them, and mais yeah cher, talk about good.

The salad was made of lettuce from the new co-op. The dressing was lime juice made thick with very finely chopped garlic and hot peppers, and it was very rich. The olive oil from the steak had dripped down into the grill pan and we fried day-old sourdough bread in it, and we ate a honeydew melon.

We have lemon grass for tea, too, and we have made enormous pitchers of this, naturally sweet and so cold to drink, it is delicious. We are looking at some old material where people, more old fashioned than even ourselves, talk about living in the country and in town. Notice Mississippi John Hurt’s speaking voice.

And it’s late summer and very Southern and we will not be here too much longer now, but the oranges are growing in the yard and we are enjoying everything while we can.



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Vertical Cuts

We are making deals with Bobby Jindal right here.

In the meantime we are having an excellent time in classes.




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Chilanga Banda

Here’s a dark video I don’t dare show in class, by the great Mexican band Café
. It is written entirely in Mexico City slang, but there is a translation right here.

Here is a very different song by the same band I don’t dare show in class, again because it is too dark. I had put it on the list of possibilities because it is youth oriented, the lyrics are pronounced clearly, and there are written words.

The song I actually showed in class was much lighter, but it had a commercial at the beginning, over which I fast forwarded; because of the commercial I will not show it here.



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Nicanor Parra

No es Chile el que limita con la Cordillera de los Andes, con el Desierto del Salitre, con el Océano Pacífico, con la unión de los dos océanos: la cosa es al revés. Es la Cordillera de los Andes la que limita con Chile, el Océano Pacífico es el que llega hasta la cumbre del Aconcagua. Son los 2 Océanos los que rompen en mil pedazos la monotonía del paisaje sureño. El río Valdivia es el lago mas largo de Chile. Chile limita al Norte con el Cuerpo de Bomberos, al Sur con el Ministerio de Educación, al Este con la Cordillera de Nahuelbuta y al Oeste con el vacío que producen las olas del Océano que se nombró más arriba, al Sur con González Videla. En el medio hay una gran plasta rodeada de militares, curas y normalistas que suecunan (1) a través de cañerías de cobre.

That is LOS LÍMITES DE CHILE which I post in order to showcase the beautiful Nicanor Parra website, provided to us by the University of Chile, the Republic of Chile being a country we are honoring today, September 11.


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Des chaussures pour la rentrée

shoesWe may have vertical cuts at my university and I am slowly getting an interview wardrobe together. Today I bought these shoes. They had been marked down from $148 to $37, which I considered very good.



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Zou Jingzhi

The gate of hell, so gloomy so cold so deep and so far away,
opening and closing at the bottom of the dry well
Girls dare not bend to look in
afraid of a hand pushing from behind

Concubine Zhen died thin.
Her husband was an emperor, her mother-in-law the emperor dowager
Widowed for many years,
the dowager feared the laughter between man and woman,
feared that Zhen’s graceful steps and her perfume
hooked the emperor’s eye.

She ordered Zhen to die
and the emperor to love another.

Crying she said she didn’t want to die or pollute the well.
If she died the other person would also perish . . .
Before she finished she was pushed
into a long distant night

She’s been floating ever since

……….in the news
……….a girl who rebels against an exchange marriage
……….jumps into a well

From Yellow Tiles and Red Walls
Translated by Wang Ping and Murar Nemet-Nejar


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Le futur

The budget situation chez nous is bleak. But I do like archival footage.


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