Academic Mondays: La realidad

I am teaching a class I first taught as a teaching assistant. It covers just as much material, but meets half as often.

I do not have the same amount of time to grade the assignments as I had when I was a teaching assistant, nor do these students have the time to do the assignments my students had in those days.

Yet, I repeat, we are to cover the same material. With twice as much time both in class and outside of it, we would be as brilliant as we were in those other days.

It is clear to me that in the present circumstances none of us is lazy, no matter what anyone may say — we are merely pressed for time.

A “good school,” perhaps, would be one wherein professors taught fewer students and students had more time to devote to their classes.


1. It is not true that one can do more with less.

2. It is true that an R-1 campus with many brilliant PhD candidates as TAs, each one teaching only one course, is better for lower division students than a community college with weak MAs teaching 5 or 6 courses each, or an in between school like ours with PhDs stretching to do everything including teach all across the curriculum.


2 thoughts on “Academic Mondays: La realidad

  1. It’s a problem. I think that you and your colleagues should pursue the same solution that we are, at my university! It seems to me that would be your best chance to stop the governor from knocking the buildings down with y’all still inside.

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