A Side Question

1. The wireless card on the Toshiba Satellite L645D does not seem to be very good.

2. I continue to miss WordPerfect 5.1 and 5.2 for DOS. These current word processors all have irritating automatic features that keep turning themselves on even after I turn them off. And I really liked that reveal codes function.

3. The computer I want is the LC2430Hn Linux Laptop, which would cost me $1200. I do not know that it would solve my problems.

4. If I had a Linux laptop with a European keyboard, and downloaded Open Office in a European version, would my accent mark problems disappear?

5. I do not find that Open Office and MS Word are fully compatible.

6. If I never used MS Word again, could I remain in this profession? Would people with MacIntoshes and MS Word be able to read my .rtfs and .pdfs, at least, or would I be in the wilderness?

7. What is the answer?


6 thoughts on “A Side Question

  1. Later Word Perfect releases have continued to supply a “reveal codes” function. It’s alt-V then C. Or do you mean that you are being forced to use Word, which is an instrument of the devil? I use Word Perfect for everything except final submissions to editors who require Word.

  2. Well, I’ve heard this about current WP and maybe I should get that. Some offices on campus here use it and the files don’t open in MS Word, which is what we have in our department, so it’s problematic, or was. But … there has to be a way around this. THANKS.

  3. I’ve been using OpenOffice for the past 6 months because I’m too lazy to install Microsoft Word. Nobody has noticed so far. So I think you can definitely remain in this profession if you never use Word again. 🙂

  4. Clarissa, what are you doing about accent marks? I absolutely hate the accent mark function in OO because you can’t make them with keystrokes – or do you have a European machine and download a French OO or something (I say French because I need SPAN FREN PORT CAT ITAL in Romance, not just SPAN) … ??? Dying to know!!!

  5. And: Toshiba hardware is just bad. I’ve had a key go non functional after only 2 months.

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