On Bicycles

There is actual broccoli growing on my broccoli plants, and I am very impressed.  I also appear to have taken two days off. I took most of two days off last weekend, too, but it was for travel and excitement. These two days I: • slept until 10 AM • worked three hours in the … More On Bicycles

By Water

I went down to the Gulf. Where I was the water was clear and you could walk on sand. There was a breeze, so there were little waves with sun glinting on them. Pennants snapped, and seagulls cawed. Axé.

February 12

This is Lincoln’s birthday, and Darwin’s, too. I am in Houston, where I had my hair cut at Michael Lyndon. Then I went to the Ménil Collection, including the Rothko Chapel, the Byzantine Chapel, and the Cy Twombley Gallery.  These last two truly amazed me, and I had not been to them before. In the … More February 12


The ice returned, and then the sun came out. A retired professor is taking one of my courses. He says I am a brilliant lecturer. I have given this course before. Most courses of interest to me, I only get to give once since needs and fashions change, and since we are so short staffed. … More Yemanjá

Estrella Morente

A qué buscas la lumbre a qué buscas la lumbre a qué buscas la lumbre, mamita mía, la calle abajo, la calle arriba Si de tu cara sale si de tu cara sale si de tu cara sale, mamita mía, la brasa viva, la brasa viva (Federico García Lorca) Axé.

Your Alternate Majors

This has come up before, but it is time once again on this bright, academic Monday to talk about college and graduate majors we thought about, but have decided against, so far. My general thought for today is that students need more serious advising than they get. By advising, I do not mean direction, nor … More Your Alternate Majors

Waxing Moon

Now the ice has melted. The sun came out, and then the crescent moon. The days are much longer now, and we eat from winter gardens. 1. The best winter food, as we know from Peru, is a vegetable stew in a meaty broth, and speaking more generally cooked vegetables are the thing to eat … More Waxing Moon