Experiments this week prove once again that the Mediterraneans are right: you should eat dinner for lunch and hardly eat dinner. This is the plan that gives you the most energy throughout the day and also makes the day the longest and the least stressful. I wish it were more feasible to do this in … More Food

J’ai peur

I am so depressed already and it is only the end of the first week. Real teaching hasn’t started yet, even. It is the basic language classes that do it. I barely began to recover from these over the summer and it is all starting again. I the angel of death appeared I would say … More J’ai peur

Fernando Coronil

Fernando Coronil, a wonderful person I would have liked to see more of in this lifetime, awaits us now over Jordan, as it is said. Axé, Fernando. Laurent Dubois writes: His favorite place to write was in a hammock, either the one suspended in his office or the one on his front porch, with his … More Fernando Coronil