Glissant’s book also has much more in it on the psychology of domination than I had realized, and is in general much more thoroughgoing and serious than it had ever seemed to me the various times I had tried to work with it in a rushed way (the academic way). I am reading slowly which … More Lentitude

In OfficeMax

This is the Beka chair at OfficeMax and I like it. I also like this white floor lamp I saw, which I cannot find a picture of but which they say they will have more of soon, both here and in the United States. It is boring to patronize OfficeMax in Mexico instead of somewhere … More In OfficeMax

Very Early Mexico

It will be St. John’s Eve this weekend, so it is fitting to discuss bonfires. Here is a description of a book I would really like to read. After an introduction which explains the significance of bonfires and lays out the sources for the book, the narrative begins in Iberia with a brief history of … More Very Early Mexico

Des vieillards

I have friends in their forties and fifties who now say, variously, in tones of voice dripping with superiority, that they: ♦ could not tolerate a seven to eight hour bus ride because to sit for that long would cause them too much pain ♦ could not tolerate a four hour car ride or a … More Des vieillards

Shenaz Patel

Le gardien du port connaît bien Charlesia. Elle passe régulièrement devant sa guérite et se dirige vers le quai. Elle scrute l’horizon, dans l’attente vaine d’un bateau qui la ramènera dans son île natale. Diego Garcia n’est plus qu’un souvenir, la nostalgie douloureuse d’une vie simple rythmée par la production de Coprah, les jeux des … More Shenaz Patel

An e-mail

«Dear Student, «Have we met in person? I believe we have corresponded, and I am sure you are eminently well qualified for X. However, I have never served as a reference for someone I did not know directly and had not actually worked with. Someone who gives you a reference should be able to say … More An e-mail

¿Consomé o crema?

Do you want a clear or a cream soup, rice or salad, fish or meat, and fruit or custard? These are the really important questions in life, and they are aspects of the larger question, what shall we have for lunch today? In Mexico with lunch you get agua fresca, made of fresh fruit. Sometimes … More ¿Consomé o crema?