On books for the culture course

For an introduction to the study of culture and the analysis of cultural objects that is effectively a late sophomore level course I was going to do something much more amazing, but I have in fact ordered El espejo enterrado (in Spanish, of course).

Now, because of its perspective, I am thinking of adding to this Rowe and Schelling, Memory and Modernity in Latin America. It is a 1991 book, which is one bad thing about it (“old”), and it is in English, which could be good or bad, and it is “hard.”

I wonder. What do you do? (I may have to decide during Christmas.)


4 thoughts on “On books for the culture course

  1. Perhaps this is something I should use in the fall, in my senior-graduate level culture course, I am not sure.

  2. What a wonderful chance to introduce lower division students to some important knowledge. I’d go for it. Nothing to lose and much to gain.

  3. Yeah. They would need A LOT of background. I guess it’s upper division or maybe even graduate level.

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