Les activités

→ Scrub deck, work out, grade three classes
→ Sand deck
→ Seal deck
→ Buy new deadbolt and install
→ Prepare classes
→ Chase down roofer
→ Details on last of study abroad proposals (Tuesday)
→ Drop off car (Monday 8 April)
→ Spanish version of abstract
→ Finish writing letters, including to Mihai
→ Sewing
→ Gardening
→ At least plan painting
→ Take dress to tailor
→ Visit prison
→ Visit Creole plantation Laura
→ Hooks for boat
→ Wells Fargo



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3 responses to “Les activités

  1. carlos

    Happy Easter Z!

  2. Z

    Thank you, Carlos, and happy Easter to you!

  3. We are finally getting some melt up here. Time for me to plant seeds indoors. We can plant outdoors in another month!

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