Aquí se trabaja mucho

Yesterday was my day off. I worked on service related issues, and attended a social meeting for Spanish majors where I got a lot of advising done. At night I went out and saw two new rock bands who were very good. At the meeting with the students and at this barzinho later I had the distinct feeling of being in the 1970s, when I was an undergraduate. I am getting this feeling from my classes this semester, as well. It is as though people had finally thrown off the yoke of Reaganism, and had become curious once more.

Saturday and Palm Sunday

→Scrub deck, work out, grade three classes
→Minutes for that meeting and attachment with legislative bills and AAUP webinar information, as well as note on actual date that motion was voted upon
→Study abroad proposals
→NO research or writing allowed until all grading and planning for courses is finished!
→Remind students about time / location of Monday office hour
→Arrange bibliographic instruction


7: Plumber
10: Office hour
1: Appointment off campus
2: Appointment off campus
Work on the deck, work out, prepare classes, work toward abstract in Spanish


Call roofer
Drop off car
Work out
Get signatures on study abroad proposals
Keep working on deck
Keep working on Spanish version of abstract


Clean house
11 Jerry
Office hours
Finish writing letters, including to Mihai
Keep working on Spanish version of abstract
Prepare classes
Kayak — aim to leave 5:30 PM

Maundy Thursday

Teach three classes
Work out
Keep working on Spanish version of abstract
Commemorate proposed death of César Vallejo

Good Friday

Maybe take kayak to the bayou — I am not sure
Get ready for sewing, gardening, and painting Easter week
Keep working on Spanish version of abstract
Work out
Commemorate actual death of César Vallejo


Finish and submit Spanish version of abstract
Work out
Work on deck


Easter. Do something entertaining

Easter Week

No research, no writing, only recreational reading and movies
Get everything ready for classes and the end of the semester
Sew, paint, garden, fix door and finish deck
Take dress to tailor
Chase roofers to get an answer
Finish writing letters
Deck helper comes Monday, dermatologist is Wednesday, dentist is Friday
Work out, go hiking, visit prison, visit Creole plantation Laura, do different things like this


I am going to run for something, and I am going to have a campaign speech. Things to remember for it:

♦ my academic background and affiliations make me an effective advocate for several disciplines
♦ I am not doing this for a course release or for money
I am not anti administration; I am even pro administration because administrators do a great deal of useful and necessary work.
♦ At the same time I put research and teaching, and therefore faculty first, and I am a union maid
♦ I stand for research, quality teaching, student power, and a strong faculty voice in policy and governance


2 thoughts on “Aquí se trabaja mucho

  1. Good luck with the run! It’s a new world I am discovering. Apparently, I do have good people skills, with the added touch that I can stop somebody inmediately if they are trying to BS me. On the other hand, I am not sure about my organization skills. Organizing a small (40 people) reception at my place after the day I got married, with an open credit card from my parents, stressed me to no end (though my parents still comment proudly of how my wedding reception cost them only $750).

    1. I have stellar organization skills but bad people skills, at least for this culture. I am too challenging and I do not have quite enough of a BS detector. These things go together, actually: when I should just realize someone is BSing, I cannot believe it so I ask them, which backs them into a corner.

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