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Since we started I have written and submitted a 5600 word article but it is not the article I will write for this group. I will write that article next and I will do it right. To write the present article I did not apply Boycean reason. I went into a complete binge, and I also spent a lot of time reading the news and posting different paragraphs to Facebook while I wrote. Yet I wrote fast, did not worry about perfection, attempted to be as brief as possible, and kept the hope of finishing soon firmly in mind. I point these things out in case anyone imagines I do not know how to get things done.

I will let this matter rest soon but still I want to say that certain senior faculty should note that every graduate student and adjunct you berate so as to reassure yourself that you really are superior, is going to have to get a job. Some of those jobs will have to be in para-academic firms. Their projects can bury you–or if not you personally, at least the desempeño of your métier in many institutions. Try to at least be civil, because these companies will flatter the people you alienate now, and it will be balm for old wounds.


4 thoughts on “Writing group post

  1. Yes. A lot of people made enemies out of me when I was in grad school. So why should I want to do anything for them?

    1. Well, I am just itching to write a sarcastic column about condescending professors, in the Alexander Cockburn style, using “bleated” instead of “said” when quoting the words of people with whom I am disgusted.

  2. I am doing my best not to excoriate Jonathan and Clarissa more publicly.

    When senior faculty spend time pummeling graduate students and adjuncts who dare to criticize anything about the current situation, I have difficulty believing they actually love the field and the profession — it is their egos they love. Needing to auto-stroke that thing in this way is pathetic. When junior faculty engage in this abusive behavior it is not only completely unsolidary — it is also utterly transparent that they know themselves to be second-rate intellects who will only survive by flattering the old men.

    I realize it is cruel and unsolidary to say these things and that I should not. Both of them suffer more than I, and Rebecca Schuman is scrappy and has defended herself already. But it’s the larger point. They are using the excuse that Schuman is an “academia hater” helping the right wing out when really they just want an easy victim — they could be going after the true academia haters in some way that will be more meaningful than the present bleating.

  3. Another comment I have wanted to make elsewhere and not done:

    Every minute certain colleagues of mine have lately spent excoriating contingent faculty on CHE threads for their allegedly poor attitude contributes to the alienation of those people who will not treat traditional academia well when they come back as reps of ed-tech firms, and would have been far better spent extending a hand across the aisle, so to speak, and working for unionization.

    If not, I say it is evidence that said colleagues hardly love the field or the profession in the way they profess to do (since they are working for its destruction not its preservation).

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