La semaine

I have to work on my NEH Letter of Intent this week. I am saying this because when I shut this computer down I will have to close the document, I am likely to forget about it. I have to remember IILI and LASA deadlines as well.

Here is a lesson in logic by the coldhearted scientist. I may have a few more.

1. You cannot both say you know you are one of the last tenured professors and excoriate an unsuccessful job candidate 20 or 30 years younger than you for pointing out that this being the situation, the old training is no longer adequate and the old advice is no longer true.

2. Also, trying to say that had they just understood the old advice and used it better, they would have gotten into the meritocratic club, makes no sense if the old meritocratic club is no longer taking applications for membership, and you know it, and you have just said so.


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