Come, mister tally-man, tally me banana

Six-hand, seven-hand, eight-hand bunch! I have harvested bananas from my trees this afternoon, Cuban bananas in proliferation, in six-hand, seven-hand, and eight-hand bunches. This is literally true. Figuratively now, come mister tally-man, tally me banana. We have to reform our syllabi at this late date due to late directives from the dean, and I will … More Come, mister tally-man, tally me banana

LASA 2014

I need an abstract and a title. I may do something about Latin American and Latin Americanists’ exceptionalism on the issue of race. Research advances slowly because everybody is stuck in some eddy fighting it out over who is more and who is less “racist,” or exactly how dark one has to be to be considered … More LASA 2014

Albert Murray

“The United States is not a nation of black and white people,” Mr. Murray wrote. “Any fool can see that white people are not really white, and that black people are not black.” America, he maintained, “even in its most rigidly segregated precincts,” was a “nation of multicolored people,” or Omni-Americans: “part Yankee, part backwoodsman … More Albert Murray

Why I am not a liberal, reason #99

But slowly I realized what the academy really is–v. what it claims to be such that I had mistakenly thought it was a less racist and sexist career path: a neoliberal corporation looking for the most docile workers (i.e. not ‘abrasive’, selfishly careerist, invested in benefiting from structural inequality and reproducing it–often unconsciously, for reasons … More Why I am not a liberal, reason #99