And counting…

This is my eighth day of not being depressed. I was depressed from 10/X/1991 through 16/VIII/2013, which is just under 22 years.


14 thoughts on “And counting…

  1. YOU GO, GLEN COCO. I am so, so, so happy to hear this. I know what it is like to be depressed–although I was only depressed for about six years, and not the lifespan of a college senior. I wish I didn’t know–people who have never been affected by depression don’t understand, and I envy their lack of understanding. “Cheer up!” Etc. I assume you have seen this wrenching masterpiece by Allie Brosh? It is the most accurate portrayal of depression I have ever read, and it was done in MacPaint. All my best to you!

    1. Gosh — that is really interesting and it makes me wonder whether I was ever actually depressed, or whether I was just being oppressed by bad advice from people who had power to enforce it. Hm!

      1. Is that really a palpable difference if the symptoms are the same, though? I don’t think you have to have clinical depression or idiopathic depression to be depressed.

    1. I’m in a relapse today due to my reaction to oppression and incompetence from the university. What is the antidote: decide I am right; decide to take control; disagree and do not waste time trying to persuade.

      1. The new language coordinator (tenured professor) is a control freak nightmare who likes to send me passive aggressive messages about the beauty of uniformity and how everybody should have even thr same quizzes for each language class. Today, I discovered she added herself as a TA on Blackboard to every language instructor class (mine included). I have decided to ignore her, do my thing, kick her out of Blackboard, and wait to see if she reacts. If she does, she will discover the truth behind the stereotype of Hispanics having a short fuse. If she doesn’t react, even better, confrontation avoided. It’s the beauty of tenure.

      2. I have now averted depression and setting myself up for more, by asserting myself over this ridiculous language program. Depression is caused by submitting to others’ unreasonable wishes.

  2. Your sudden knowledge of SLA fits my situation in all respects. I am almost finished with my syllabus and it is a rebel syllabus, although very discreet. 🙂

  3. @ Rebecca, yes. They have rewritten depression as a brain disease with no external causes and I never relate to what to me seems like the extreme negativity and sometimes, even enjoyment thereof that appears to be a key part in depression narratives … so I am mystified …

    1. That may be it. I say it is: submitting to irrationality / feeling one must.
      Originally when I got depressed it was because I had caught self-hatred from Reeducation. Then when I stayed depressed it was because I had lost the right to self-determination, or so it seemed.

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