Transcendental Poesis

I am on hiatus from my paper since I have a full draft and it is sitting. I also have other dull tasks to accomplish this week, so I am not allowing myself to start on my other paper. But in preparation for further work on both, I am working on Denise Ferreira da Silva.

Transcendental poesis is one of the concepts from her book that matters to me, since it appears to describe what I have called the “evoke-and-elide” “move” around questions of race. I have not codified this yet but the texts I am working on all make race and color difference central issues and then look at ways of “solving” them by saying they do not exist as issues after all, or by eliminating difference through mestizaje, or by eliminating characters of the “different” race or color. Until the next time the question arises… as it will, because racial difference has in fact not been eradicated.

70: Transcendental poesis is Hegel’s version of the play of reason. Thesis: interiority; antithesis: exteriority, the threat of exteriority and thus of affectability; synthesis: scene of engulfment, incorporation of exteriority into the trajectory of the transcendental subject (now the transparent I). There is more to say about this, how it develops in the 19th and 20th centuries; this is how da Silva’s discussion of the transcendental subject is new. The scene of engulfment apprehends but does not obliterate exteriority…


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