Dentro en el vergel

Dentro en el vergel
Dentro en el rosal

Yo me iba, madre,
las rosas coger;
hallé mis amores
dentro en el vergel.

Dentro en el vergel
Dentro en el rosal

–A Pre-Columbian Spanish Song.


7 thoughts on “Dentro en el vergel

  1. This is weird. I had Lírica española de tipo popular out on my desk before I read this post. This poem is on page 85. The other day I had listened to the Virginia Woolf recording right before seeing that on your blog.

  2. And I also posted a quote from Lorca about patriotism right before checking your blog and seeing your quote about patriotism from Martí. I am getting this eerie twilight zone feeling.

  3. Ah, but it is just overdetermined due to:
    * Spanish
    * Comp Lit
    * Modernism
    * Poetry and poetics
    * Fractured subjectivities
    * Nationalisms
    * Those LASA papers

  4. Yes, that much is obvious, but that doesn’t explain the timing of it.

    1. Timing, yes. But that has happened before. You were finishing that book I did not know about while I was planning a course on Lorca and Spicer, and the book came out while the course was happening.

      I wonder whether there are more coincidences involving texts, that we do not know about.

      1. There could be more. Add Northern California to your list of overdetermining factors, though.

  5. Yes, Northern California, there are various factors like that but as you point out they do not explain the timing.

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