Et voilà encore

Always, working on Vallejo, except for those seminar papers I wrote before things got serious, I did not consider the project mine. It was always an obligation, a kind of caretaking activity, something for someone else, something to placate, something to not offend someone else and to be good enough as an offering. This is … More Et voilà encore

La busco y busco

Solstice. And this year for Christmas, remember, I will meditate and center upon myself. I will not allow people to run over me, no matter how much they need to run over someone. I will place myself first, no matter how “selfish” this is. I will honor myself. If I had been allowing myself to … More La busco y busco

Toute la journée

It is, or has been, this PTSD flashback-like event I have been experiencing all day. I have not had such an experience for a long time. It is as though I had self-harmed and were now berating myself for it. Seeing that is already an advance. How to stop the assault? Saying it is a … More Toute la journée