Et voilà encore

Always, working on Vallejo, except for those seminar papers I wrote before things got serious, I did not consider the project mine. It was always an obligation, a kind of caretaking activity, something for someone else, something to placate, something to not offend someone else and to be good enough as an offering. This is the problem I have been having now, the tentativeness, the difficulty sinking my teeth in; I do not feel the project is mine but is something I must do to cumplir and quedar bien — and this is not at all the kind of project to use for those kinds of purposes.



One thought on “Et voilà encore

  1. And that is the other thing — the boundary violation or general violation that always seems to happen around my Vallejo projects. He is precisely not the person to have to use for any kind of PR, and somehow I always end up in a position where I cannot do scholarship or let the work lead me, but need to rush some text out, any text. And then feel incompetent because this does not work.

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