La méditation, et la tranquilité

I went to Puerto Rico expecting to relax and concentrate, but mostly listened to people and was fragmented by newness. Now I have to go to Louisville, and then here, and then to Alexandria (LA), and here, and Angola (LA), and here, and I want to go to New Orleans. Then I go to Denver, and then I come here; I turn around and immediately go to Europe.

In all of these endeavors, and starting now, I will only do one thing at a time and I will be in the center of it. Even when I am working for someone else and on something else, as in Louisville, or on something of my own that is secondary, as in Alexandria, Angola, and Denver. I will be sure to go to New Orleans because it will be for me.

I no longer have anything to escape from if I am now acting on my own behalf. I want to meditate.

All of these voyages are for work, and at home I must work, and when I get to Europe I will do work but I will also be on vacation, in a meditative rhythm, in Mediterranean tranquillity, yes; and I am hardly spending a thing so if I do not rush anything it will still be enough.


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