Des théories

Continuing, I miss Puerto Rico and Louisville and everywhere, but mostly Puerto Rico and the things I did not get to do there (which would have involved piercing that touristy surface). I guess we can say this summer is exciting and eventful so far but I need it to be restorative.

I went to campus to try to resolve these funding issues and ran into a colleague who said he had funding issues as well and was angry. I thought yes, I am angry, and this is the prohibited emotion since one is only allowed to be angry at oneself.

Depression and anxiety are repressed anger; self-destruction is anger turned upon oneself. These are clichés, but does that matter?


2 thoughts on “Des théories

  1. When in Puerto Rico I was aware that nothing on the surface meant much and that there was a great emptiness underneath. Sad. I am thinking a lot about the tragedy of the Caribbean. Right now it’s the Haitians being thrown out of the Dominican Republic.

    1. Although there’s amazing culture hiding there and a great university. You have to stay there a long time, though, to enter those worlds. Caribbean is a real tragedy, I always used to be afraid to go to the DR because of the sadness but after PR it might be better or uplifting. I’d only been to Cuba and Trinidad so far, and they are both in a lot better shape psychically than PR, which I did find devastated and devastating.

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