Book notes for June

There is this Cambria Press, whose general editor is Román de la Campa, and it requires no subsidy … and it has a book on Central American avant-garde narrative. Here is its complete list.

The University of New Mexico is bringing out a book about Navajo hero twins, by Nolan Karras James, and other interesting books on Native American themes, particularly one about Inca resistance.

Duke has the new Gloria Anzaldúa I need and I wonder if I should present my contrarian views on her at ERIP or LASA. There are a couple of new books on race and music in the Caribbean, on how racial democracy privileges whiteness and praises blackness in theory but does not support it in practice. There is also a book, Cachita’s Streets, which I would really like to use for my cultural studies class or classes, and Indian Given, a book that could be helpful to think about race with. (I would like to see all of these books in libraries, and not have to buy and keep them; this, again, is why I should be going to New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Austin often — and to some extent, Houston.

There is an issue of differences — a journal I should look at more — where Balibar discusses Althusser and “reanimates his concept of ideology as an analytic tool for contemporary cultural and political critique,” and one of SAQ, another journal I should look at more, on 1970s feminism, and there are more studies on different aspects of race.

In short, I should leave every weekend, to one of the four aforementioned cities; I should drive Friday starting as early as possible, go out that night and then sit and read Saturday, stroll Sunday morning and drive back late. (If it is Baton Rouge, of course, I should just go in early Saturday morning.)

From Vanderbilt there is a must-have for teaching: Jerome Branche’s Black Writing, Culture, and the State in Latin America. I could use it as a textbook in Fall, 2017, for instance; especially since it comes as an e-book for $9.99. We could read this and some of the texts it discusses, and see films; it would be a great class, so I have ordered the book.

Also from Vanderbilt there is also a cultural history of the 19th century from this press but I looked at it in page proofs and it seemed thin; it might be something for cultural studies classes, though, for people to do reviews of.


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