Some notes on Barcelona today

Solving the SNCF mystery.

The sun in the cathedral, with its palm trees.

The Archive of Aragon, with Columbus’ original capitulations.

Getting a library card.

The port.

The theatre listings, the Café de la Opera.

The tourists, the trendy shops.

Buying green shoes. The rain.

Lost and there were no locals to ask for directions, nobody knew and many shopkeepers did not really speak Spanish or Catalan, they were mysterious immigrants.

Those guys on my doorstep when I finally got home, talking about the Atacama desert.

Mercès. Adeu. Bona nit.


6 thoughts on “Some notes on Barcelona today

  1. The first day: cappuccino in Frankfurt, arriving here, walking through town, meeting up with Sharon.

    The next day: sleeping late, then walking everywhere. That was the day this post was about.

    The third day: BNC, lunch at el Jardí, met Sharon again, walked, tapas.

    The fourth day, Sunday: sleeping late, walking to the beach and parque ciudadela, shopping — the metallic shirts and one more pair of shoes. My foot issue is kind of out of hand so I have many shoes, none entirely satisfactory.

    1. Keens are good. I have hallux rigidus so I need a stiff rocker sole, and I am between medium and wide so I have to get just the right cut. And then I demand that the shoes look urban and elegant as well. But the best ones for me, hands down, are Troentorp!

  2. The SNCF mystery . . . I don’t suppose you’re talking about the horrible website? Any advice on dealing with it, if you are? Mon ami francais a raison, la site est foutu, mais j’ai toujours a reserver des billets . . .

    1. It is a lot better than the RENFE website, so I bought my ticket to France on it, and then could not print it out at a Spanish train station.

      Finally I printed it at an internet café, but I started to be really worried that it might not be valid in Spain even though it was a ticket clearly departing from Spain.

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