A line

This is my line in the sand: I can read online for work if I must — even long documents –, and I can read short news articles, but I am not interested in reading books or magazines online for pleasure. Axé.

Foucault, encore

Our present age of austerity requires of us resilience as a psychological characteristic. University counseling centers now have resilience training, and psychology professors receive major grants to study resilience. But “resilience” studies are not science. We have here, then, one of the examples of commercial activity replacing research in the entrepreneurial university. Foucault appears to … More Foucault, encore

Des mots

When I was a child, I would read fairy tales in which most characters were either royalty or peasants. I did not know the word peasant and misread it as “pheasant.” So I would visualize these tales, in which many characters were pheasants that spoke and lived like people. I imagined the pheasants’ wives and … More Des mots

We should say this here

The UK’s universities can justifiably claim an outstanding international reputation, generating multiple direct and indirect benefits for society, and underpinning our core professions through training and education. Yet these attributes are being undermined and degraded from within and without, with innovation, creativity, originality and critical thought, as well as notions of social justice, being threatened … More We should say this here

Keywords for the age of austerity

Wellness User Team Synergy Sustainability Stakeholder Self-Starter Resilience Pivot Peaceful Protest Nimble Learning Outcomes Leadership Innovation Flexibility Failure Errors in Judgment Entrepreneur Engagement Dynamic Descent Into Violence Democracy Customer Creative Content Civility Choice Caudillo Branding Best Practices Accountability Read all about it. Axé.