On my glorious past

I was asked to name my most inspiring professors ever, and here is the list that came to me offhand. It does not even include many very good ones, or really famous ones who were differently inspiring, like Julio Cortázar and José Emilio Pacheco (people I would include on a list if I thought about it). Just offhand, I said I had had some very erudite professors:

Leo Bersani
Peter Brown
Phil Damon
Natalie Zemon Davis
Denis Hollier
Leon Litwack
Luis Monguió
José Miguel Wisnik

The reason these come to mind is that I took their classes without knowing ahead of time who they were — they just happened to be the person teaching the class I was required to take, or had decided I should opt for. I therefore walked in without expecting to meet such singular people. Wisnik, for example, in professor mode starts talking here at minute 30, but is also a rather well known composer and musician.

The meaning of it all is that I should realize that these are my ancestors, so to speak, this is the tradition I come from — and that I should not let Maringouin separate from me.


2 thoughts on “On my glorious past

  1. Strange. I’ve been thinking about my professors and some high school teachers too.

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