La recherche

It does appear some days that my actual research program is not what I say it is, but is about the university itself.

It appears important to look at the definitions of what an “entrepreneurial” university are, and perhaps to distinguish between that and the idea of a “business model” for education, and then monetization — these things all flow together, or appear to do, but to what extent are they distinct and separate movements?

Also, a cursory glance at the bibliography on entrepreneurialization suggests it is strong, global, and well advanced, but there are also strong critiques of the student-as-consumer model.

The more I find out, the less I feel I know–as is usually the case. This critique of entrepreneurialization at Wisconsin covers a great deal of ground.


3 thoughts on “La recherche

  1. See also: University connections to business and partnerships with industry are different from the financialization and monetization of the institution itself, but is this on a spectrum, from Veblen to now, or is financialization / monetization a paradigm shift (at least within capitalism) as I seem to feel it is, and finally, is there bibliography on this? … Signed: confused, and feeling nostalgic for that degree in Economics I did not do.
    I think Henry Giroux has something to say about this in his book Neoliberalism’s War on Higher Ed.

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