The new schedule

Now that spring is coming in I can get up at 6:30, and I will read for research every weekday morning from 7-8. 8-9 is breakfast and commute time.

9-11 is a class preparation bloc on MWF. On T it is a 9-11:30 writing bloc, and on Th it is a 9-10:30 writing bloc.

11-8 on MW is teaching, office hours, meetings, and administration, and I cannot work past 8 PM on these days.

On Tuesday, 11:30-1 is errands and lunch, and 1-3:30 is another writing bloc. After that I have a meeting and the evening off for odds and ends.

On Thursday, 11-12:30 is a class, and than there is a writing bloc from 1:15-3:45. There is a meeting after that and again, the evening is off for odds and ends.

On Friday, 11-1 is teaching and office hours, 1-3 is a meeting, and 3-5 is a class preparation bloc.

More work time is needed, but this is a good minimalist plan. I need the kind of calendar I used to make, color-coded for when I was going to do teaching, research, and service and then filled in again as I actually did them.



5 thoughts on “The new schedule

  1. Wednesday: This is planned as a 12 hour day, actually, but today will be 11. I got up late so skipped the class planning bloc in the morning, and therefore will spend one hour on that this evening, breaking the rule about not working past 8.

  2. I failed to work past 8, so Wednesday was a 10 hour day with 1 hour of research.

    Today I started work late, at 11, and worked 11-4, on teaching, meeting, and administration. That means 5 hours Thursday so far. I will do one hour of research and one of class planning, for a seven hour day today, averaging 8.5 hours over two days now, with two hours of research.

    Thursday should have been 6.5-hour day, 1.5 hours teaching and 5 hours research. Wednesday should have been 12 hours with 1 hour of research, 4 hours teaching, 3 hours of course preparation, and 4 hours of administration.
    So in two days, 6 hours research, 8[.5] hours teaching, 4 hours administration. 1/3 research, almost 1/2 teaching, almost 1/4 administration.

    In reality 1 hour research and 5 hours teaching Wednesday, and 4 hours administration: 1 hour research and 2 hours teaching Thursday, and 4 hours administration. So, in 2 days, 2 hours research, 8 hours administration, 7 hours teaching. These work out to 8.5-hour days. Just under 1/8 research, just under 1/2 administration, just over 3/8 teaching.

    1. Research done. I am not going to make it to the class preparation portion of things, I am too tired. Result of these calculations: the 8 hour day rules, I should plan on this in the first place. Tanya Golash-Boza says 40 hours is the time we should put in, although it is a fact that most put in more. Is it possible that by putting in more, or planning to put in more, one actually gets less?

  3. That’s the thing that can’t be calculated–being tired with a numb mind. It’s a good plan, though.

    1. It is not working since we are so overwhelmed with administration and service … and scaffolding teaching, of course! I am managing to touch research / writing daily but not a lot more. There are days when in reality I spend almost half the time on administration and it is w.r.o.n.g.

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