Buddhas Veje

I just threw out a poster I had had since I was sixteen and that was for me a sign of self and home. It had a marvelous red and yellow image and said:

Daglig 10-17
Tirsdag og torsdag aften 19-22

I did not want to get rid of it but it had just become all too raggedy. I am sad.

I also have rare posters from Santiago de Chuco, Peru, of which I am not enamored and that I would like to divest myself of, but they are not raggedy.


One thought on “Buddhas Veje

  1. Hello Axe:

    Believe it or not, I have the exact poster you want. We’ve had it since 1970 and it is pristine condition, as it has been in a frame in my parent’s house all that time. We are looking to sell it. I came across your post only by googling when doing research on the piece. If you are interested, please send me your email or phone number to discuss. We are planning to sell it on ebay, but we could arrange something with you separately.


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