I will write this

I have been thinking hard about what to do with all my prison material and knowledge and realized, I am not really in a position to increase activism in a truly meaningful way, and/but I should write a series of Atlantic-type (perhaps) articles on what I know. I never feel I know a great deal but it has been pointed out to me more than once how much I do know, and someone did say recently I should write it down — although that suggestion is not how I came to this conclusion tonight.

All my novels freeze in their tracks as life changes, but this would be a piece of creative or journalistic writing I could sustain. I was born to write. This story begins, like all stories, with a chance encounter. “Debo a la conjunción de un espejo y de una enciclopedia el descubrimiento de Uqbar. El espejo inquietaba el fondo de un corredor en una quinta de la calle Gaona, en Ramos Mejía; la enciclopedia falazmente se llama. . . .”


One thought on “I will write this

  1. But: this will have to be written in such a way as to anonymize people it could jeopardize or offend.

    My academic/activist focus is advocacy groups and organizing, how to best do, and why these are necessary. Although it could be done as a fascinating personal narrative as well, and I would love to conceive of that as a New Yorker or Atlantic-type piece, I have to figure out the FERPA-type issues.

    Another idea is a roundtable for LASA or elsewhere on advocacy and organizing against the PIC (prison industrial complex).

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