On freedom

A key issue may be that “freedom” for many Americans has always meant the freedom of the male settler-colonist to destroy the earth and its people, order his women and slaves around, and impose his religion upon others.

Yet more important is that Trump is trying to destroy the national self-image as progressive. It is of course delusional to believe that the US has not always been a poor idea, yet it is a worse idea to renounce the ideal of justice.

My other insight is that the US depends upon slavery, and that this is why we need the indocumentados as indocumentados. I would like to be on a dissertation committee about this, as there is a great deal to say about it.

This means, of course, that as long as there are no unions all manufacturing and construction jobs here will have to be poorly paid. Indocumentados and convicts will have to do them, probably, and the citizens will have to join the Army. What do you think?

Meanwhile, we have:
◊◊Narcofosas in Jalisco
◊◊The lack of a left in the US
◊◊A really important action item
◊◊Puerto Rican faces deportation to Mexico

…and a great deal more. But please do look at that action item.


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