Arc of the year

The question for the last throw was “Where is home?” This throw is on the shape of the coming academic year, after the eclipse and a change in governance. It merits thought.

Heart of the matter/the present: 3 of Swords
Challenge/obstacle: Son of Swords (Knight)
Root of the question: The Star (XVII); The Star in Wild Unknown Tarot
Past: 7 of Cups
Goals/aspirations: Temperance (XIV); Temperance in Wild Unknown Tarot
Future: The Devil (XV); The Devil in Wild Unknown Tarot
Self: 9 of Cups
Context/outside world: Judgement or Aeon (XX); Judgement in Wild Unknown Tarot
Hopes and fears: 9 of Pentacles
Outcome: Wheel of Fortune (X); Wheel of Fortune in Wild Unknown Tarot

I have given the spread as my reader uses it. Not all the positions are identical to these. But I, or we are reading with the Wild Unknown Tarot and also with Paul Hughes-Barlow, because he uses several decks offers a good composite of the more traditional interpretations.


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