Money and a room of one’s own

It is cheaper for me to stay longer at my conference location than I need to than it is for me to stay less time, and this does not mean missing any more classes than I absolutely must. Therefore, I get to spend a week and two weekends in Mexico in October and I will make this a writing retreat.

To work well, you first have to be free of harassment and sabotage, and you also be free of major financial worries. Otherwise things are entirely too precarious. If you do not have this situation, you must recognize that. Don’t say: I am lazy. Say: it is cold in here. You might have to continue on in the cold but it will be easier to concentrate if you do not berate yourself for feeling it.

I, to work well, also need not to rush. Everyone else is about rushing and working in short bursts. If I think I have to sprint like that I put off starting as long as I possibly can. I may even decline the race. But if I decide to work at my pace and without self-recrimination, the way I did before Reeducation, I am always ready to start.

We’ve been having a crisis involving governance and service. I say that YES white men get credit for service, more than they deserve, while a lot of women and people of color end up having to do part or all of the work these people get credit for. If it surprises you that this should be true, you are in a position not to have to see how the world works.


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