I’ve unstuck the to-do list so I can see the other posts. I’m going to get a whiteboard and a lamp for the office, and start working in there part of the time–partly because I don’t want to print at home, or to have the large pieces of butcher paper I want to write notes on dragging around at home. (I think I can get these things at General Office Supply.)

Thoughts on work for today: I am mixing three topics and need some sort of spreadsheet to separate them, or map them. I need three columns and a lot of rows, some blank spaces and some arrows. Also, I like to write and need to extract from my perception of it others’ concepts of suffering. I think of it as something I do at a table that is too high for me, or a chair that is too soft, with a lot of books weighing on my forehead and a lot of people sniping at my back. I think of it as something I do with a lot of muscle pain. Really I like to write by hand at a hard table, in bright light, and a feeling of health, not illness and pain.

Thoughts on mestizaje for today: it is for the lower classes. It whitens them and incorporates them to a national us while also separating them from the white-white elite. And it neutralizes those truer and darker others who might revolt, or be truly different.

Plans: tomorrow Saturday I will work, although I am not sure on what: either my files generally, or my abstracts, but it will be about this tripartite piece although I will not force linear progress. Sunday I will do outdoor things.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning I will have a writing push and YES I will insist on linear progress. I might spend all of Monday morning on mapping … and what I am NOT doing until 5 PM is reading news.

Thursday and Friday I will keep going, although it will not be a push, and Saturday the 6th I’ll go to town and work . . . Sunday the 7th is that film, and I could go to Baton Rouge early and work, and Monday through Wednesday, there comes that push again, and get those abstracts in before the 10th.

Thursday the 10th is a day off but I’ll work Saturday the 13th. I think. When is the best time to go to Houston? Can I go to Austin?


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