Qué estará haciendo esta hora mi dulce y andina Rita

Here’s an old article I like, from files I am clearing out. [Mazzotti, José Antonio (2000). “Retos y soluciones en la edición de la poesía de Vallejo: El caso de la diagramación en Los heraldos negros.” 10.31819/9783964564825-013.] In book Edición e interpretación de textos andinos, 231-240.

Hinostroza 1967: “Vallejo is not a poet, but a myth.” Mazzotti says that since V. is a myth, and has become sacred, he is very hard to edit and annotate — yet people keep doing it, and there is no reason to think any edition is actually definitive. HN is seen as the simplest book and has therefore been neglected (perhaps also because it was published in the author’s lifetime, although both it and T have been published in a lot of versions.

HN and T have more andinismos than people even realize: temples (not templos); blancuras meaning sheets; and much, much more. Editors have also inappropriately modernized punctuation in HN, and also the spacing of strophes (which is important). They ignore the “materiality” of the collection (the way it was printed mattered).

And this piece is old, and more editions have appeared since, but these ideas matter.

VALLEJO not as poet but as myth.


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