Alternate versions

I turned this into a bulleted list for clarity, but I like the paragraph form and may put it back. “It is not just that there is a large prison industrial complex connected to almost every branch of the global system of production, placing incarceration at the heart of the world economy. Nor is it … More Alternate versions

The carceral

Foucault discusses Mettray and the carceral archipelago or network that formed around it. It is important that not all inmates were criminals, and that this is a key feature. 1. The carceral continuum: so many gradations of criminality, and so much discipline (which is distinct from punishment). 2. The carceral network produces delinquents, trained in … More The carceral

Pacing, planning

This week I wrote 15 percent of my essay and also outlined/storyboarded it. Not very well, mind you, but I do have a structure. It will end with transmodernity and materiality. If I keep writing at this pace I need six more weeks to finish. Then I take a week off, and then I have … More Pacing, planning

Coco + Carmen

No, I am not paid to advertise, but I am writing to remember. These were the brand of the jeans that wore out, and they were good, although they only cost me $19. Now, to replace, it will cost $62. But I believe they were skinny, high rise, dark denim, small, and that is what … More Coco + Carmen