Alternate versions

I turned this into a bulleted list for clarity, but I like the paragraph form and may put it back.

“It is not just that there is a large prison industrial complex connected to almost every branch of the global system of production, placing incarceration at the heart of the world economy. Nor is it only that negotiation with and interaction within this industrial complex takes over the lives of the condemned and of their families in ways even more totalizing than their subjugation to organisms of the state. Neither is it merely that there are so many gradations of deviance and criminality that a noisy child, recalcitrant in school, can be arrested and thus converted into a person with a record likely to grow throughout their life. It is not even that we internalize these judgments, and begin to police ourselves, treat ourselves as suspects; or that the carceral is, if one stops to look, at the heart of our society—although Foucault discusses all of these things in detail, in a way so prescient it would seem uncanny, did the book not excavate the roots of this present. . . .”


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