Another log

Sunday, April 10: Edited 49 words. My total is now 722. I put in a footnote on Mignolo and I see I will have to deal with him somewhat seriously. 30 minutes
Monday, April 11: Edited 47 words. My total is now 748. I think what I wrote today was original philosophy and that I was writing in C2, not C1 English. 30 minutes
Tuesday, April 12: Discovered I had not saved yesterday’s work, and the computer had reset itself, lost it. Reconstructed most. I am glad I at least went to touch work today. 15 minutes
Wednesday, April 13: Edited another sentence. Total words now 757. Found some old abstracts which are good and that I think I could use directly as sections of this paper. 30 minutes
Friday, April 15: Edited another sentence. 15 minutes
Saturday, April 16: Kept working on that sentence, in the end editing and composing 170 words. Spent a good amount of time on this–four hours. Now at 998 words, of which 737 have been fully edited. This does not include outline and notes.

Totals for this week: Six hours of work, over six days. 271 new words.
Goal for an ideal world: Eight hours of work, over six days, 1500 new words.
I will continue next week, all the way to Friday the 22d (I am taking Saturday-Monday off).


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