Log April 23-May 9

Saturday: Touched the text. Just a few minutes.
Sunday: Worried it, changed it, for an hour or so. Resolved: this week I read and organize notes.
Monday: Looked briefly at some notes, touched the text.
Tuesday: Edited briefly, made some progress.
Wednesday: Missed.
Thursday: Edited, thought, made some progress. There is a lot to do.
Friday: Missed.
Saturday: Edited some. There 1,134 polished words now and the next paragraph will be hard.
Sunday, May 1: Edited more, figured out the issue of the next paragraph. No real change in word count but it is getting better and slow progress is being made.
Monday, May 2: Adjusted a phrase and it is a real improvement. Yes, I could put more time in but look, I am at least keeping my eyes on the prize.
Tuesday, May 3: I worked on it for a large part of the afternoon and there are now 1,247 polished words. I need to be more efficient, go faster. I can if I am not as exhausted / demoralized as I usually am. Also started reading Grüner on Haiti, important.
Wednesday-Friday, May 4-6: Worked on it a very little each day.
Saturday, May 7: Worked on it for a good part of the afternoon.
Sunday, May 8: Missed.
Monday, May 9: Worked on it. There are 1324 polished words. I know I keep re-polishing but it needs it, it keeps getting more sophisticated, more precise, better. I’ve finished the whole first section now. And I have to go into a new mode, read more each day and write more each day, so I can really move ahead.

Seventeen days and the main thing was that I kept going, got into things more and more, even though progress is glacial. I only missed three of the seventeen days. Five of the days had longer sessions. That is what starts tomorrow, in my new log.


One thought on “Log April 23-May 9

  1. There’s this book to get, too. Looked again at Gruner W and Th, found this and refound the other Castro book. Gruner is profound and really goes with da Silva.

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