Infrastructures of race

I am declutterinng and it means trying to decipher pieces of paper upon which I wrote important things. One of them is the title of this post–the idea that there ARE infrastructures of race. And there’s a book about it, that I have to get.

The point is that processes of racialization begin sooner than the Enlightenment–they begin at the beginning–you can also see them in Sigüenza y Góngora (my slip of paper says, I don’t remember why he was important in particular). But note: Dialectic of Enlightenment is about how Enlightenment thought leads to Fascism.

La doble voz. Ese día. La fosa. Los muchos años después.

Mauricio Magdaleno, El resplandor. David Viñas, indios, desiertos y frontera.

Baldomero Lillo. Pedro Lastra. Minas en Chile. Los maduros. La casa del door ajeno. Crónica, memoria y verdad. Partitura para una mujer muerta. See also Vicente Alfonso and review RGE: texts that engage reality and los huecos en los archivos. Cultural revolution; Horacio Legrás.

Querido Diego – La muerte y la doncella – Nadie me verá llorar – GGM. Cristina Rivera-Garza and Yuri’s latest, on the Bordo mine fire.

I am not sure what to do with all of this, but it was what I wrote during a lecture and Q and A session I no longer remember, and there’s something in it.


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