Yet another log

Saturday, April 16. One hour. I edited another sentence and came up to a total of 1051 words, that is to say, I added 54 words. 800 of these words are firm and very good.
Sunday, April 17. Discovered that I don’t like my photocopy of Desde Europa and discovered you can get the whole book now, and you can search these articles online. Doing taxes. It is 2:29 PM and I may or may not work on that article today. Later: I did, 30 minutes of free writing, that enabled me to make a decision about how to start the next paragraph.
Monday, April 18. Looked at the text, made a note of last night’s decision, which is good. The next section should be easier to write since I have a lot of other writing done on it. There are 1141 words now but 341 of them need condensation.
Tuesday, April 19. Did a little and I am up to 1339 words now, although some will be revised and condensed. I am tired and more interested in reorganizing papers today.
Wednesday, April 20. Had a thought, added a sentence.
Thursday, April 21. Put in a lot of time, perhaps five hours, 180 new words, and I am up to 1507. I am enjoying it. Getting into it more. There is a lot to do and slowly I am becoming less afraid of diving deeper.
Friday, April 22. A lot of time, again. Rewriting, editing, thinking. I still only have 1507 words in all, but 975 of them are firm and polished now. This means some new ones were written, and some of the all-too-wordy draft got condensed.

I’ll be gone for the weekend, three days, a professional meeting and a poetry festival where I hope to make progress toward placing my translation, and I’ve got a lot of class preparation and grading to do in the coming week. I am not assigning myself writing, but aggregation of notes.


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