Mestizaje and deculturation

Lomnitz-Adler talks about mestizaje and, or as deculturation. It’s not a place of exuberance but of loss. Is why the mestizaje fans spend so much time on healing? Titles: Original: Decentered discourse? Problematizing the “Borderlands” Next: Rereading Borderlands: Las márgenes de Gloria Anzaldúa Then: Transnational Borderlands? Las márgenes de Gloria Anzaldúa Then: Border trouble? Intersectionality … More Mestizaje and deculturation

Más y más mestizos

From March 2017: “…mestizo and mestizaje…are doubly hybrid. On the one hand they house an empirical hybridity, built upon eighteenth and nineteenth century racial taxonomies and according to which ‘mestizos’ are non-indigenous individuals, the result of biological or cultural mixtures. Yet, mestizos’ genealogy starts earlier, when ‘mixture’ denoted transgression of the rule of faith, and … More Más y más mestizos

My outline

“Liminality” – p. 6 “Subaltern Representation” – p. 12 “Difference and Wholeness” – p. 19 [here check the Beverley reference] “Mestizaje” – p. 24 “Beyond Hybridity” – p. 36 Axé.

Weak first draft of conclusion (it looks fine here but I don’t think I can include all of this)

That point has been raised before (Castillo/Tabuenca) and responded to by Mariana Ortega. The problem is twofold. One issue, as scholars like Irwin (2001), Castillo and Tabuenca (2002), Saldaña-Portillo (2003), Castillo (2006) and Medina (2008) have noted, is that the borderlands in Anzaldúa’s model are very specifically the United States side of the Mexican border. … More Weak first draft of conclusion (it looks fine here but I don’t think I can include all of this)

Rubén Medina

I have to read that old Robert Young book, Colonial Desire. I never did. Meanwhile, Rubén Medina is a smart person I met randomly at one MLA early on, and who has been smart since. I need to find an old article of his, “Gloria Anzaldúa: The Politicsand Poetics of Mestizaje”, in Crítica: A Journal … More Rubén Medina


The thing about Anzaldúa’s book is that it is not just about any borderlands, it is about a specific region. Yes, I know she extrapolates a great deal from there, but it is STILL into largely US based theory (gone global). But it is from a region and the writing voice does have an identity, … More Borderlands

La bibliothèque

I have to get the things I said I would, and López Velarde, and the Anzaldúa book I don’t have, and that’s there. I ordered the other one, and might donate it to the library. I’ll see about the Thomas Ward article (Gloria Anzaldúa y la lucha fronteriza). I’m keeping in mind this manifesto on … More La bibliothèque