Imagined globalization (reviewed by Dustin Welch García)

Dustin Welch García, Book Review of Imagined Globalization, AmeriQuests 12.1 (2015). Nestor García Canclini. 2014. Imagined Globalization, trans. G. Yúdice. Durham and London: Duke University Press. Pages: 242. Paperback: $24.95 ISBN: 978-0-8223-5461-1 The recent English translation and publication of Nestor García Canclini’s Imagined Globalization, which first appeared in Spanish in 1999, offers a nuanced examination … More Imagined globalization (reviewed by Dustin Welch García)

Another world

I got up in Dupont Circle and walked past the row houses to a café, had coffee and came back and packed. I walked to the metro and rode to the airport, changing trains once. At the airport I read old notes on Vallejo and transcribed them, including the outline of an old conference paper, … More Another world

Academic advice

Here is one of my favorite pieces on the Ronell case, and here is the other. Both writers are far better deconstructors and are tackling a far more difficult topic than are Ronell and Butler chatting on a line from Aretha Franklin. On her scholarship, I like this piece by Martin Jay. The MLA wrote … More Academic advice

La liste

These are some things I may do to expand my health program: Magic 10 yoga poses. Givamukti yoga. Tumeric with black pepper. Reduce caffeine. Acupuncture. Swimming, push-ups, backbends, locust pose, squats. Axé.

Things to read

J. E. Pacheco, Morirás lejos. On James Mill, progressive versus traditional education, and charter schools. The other Foucault — what led him to politics? Crackeros, novelists I should read. I want to read but first I need to calm down. I don’t feel calm in small towns. I’d also like to live somewhere with bookstores, … More Things to read


It is not what they do to you, it is what they can get you to do to yourself, is an important point for those of us who are dealing with misogyny or any kind of discrimination, really. Another thing to remember is that although we are constantly told that most people can never admit … More Resist

Je voulais dire

I had meant to post some time ago that you should not tell your children they are inferior / defective / less than. We were told we were incompetent, although we could not see it (that was part of the incompetence). That was why we were to do things our parents liked. We would fail, … More Je voulais dire

The question

How is it that, according to da Silva, the mestizo subject is produced? This is the question for today. Here is a fairly recent talk by her, and I have been trying to understand just this one book for far too long. On pages 248-249 the mestiço as the Brazilian subject is discussed. What precise … More The question