On reparations

Are reparations hard to do? Yes and no, although I tend to think no. Small reparations, but with a mentality for more, include affirmative action, which is in fact NOT a bad thing.
Leslie, 4+: What are you doing? Why are you covered with papers when it is not exam week?
Aged One, 30+: I am going through materials for voting.
Leslie, 4+: Who are you voting for?
Aged One, 30+: Most specifically, Black candidates. There were none before, this is the first time, so I am looking.
Leslie: 4+: What do they look like?
Aged One, 30+: They look like reform candidates. I am for reform as well. They deserve support since this is their first time, so I am looking closely.
Leslie, 4+: What about just voting for them?
Aged One, 30+: Well, mostly, that would work out fine. But before I go and do that, I want to make sure I don’t vote for any who may be REPUBLICAN PLANTS!
Leslie, 4+, visualizing plants with leaves: How can you tell which plants are Republican?
Aged One, 30+: By where they stand.
Leslie, 4+: [Visualizes plants on stands.]
Aged One, 30+: I want to vote for health, education, welfare, reproductive choice, and peace. Some candidates will stand for all five of these things. But not all.
…These were the conversations we had then. Now we are still having them, but it is also drawing to a close. Nonetheless: I learned that some form of reparation was not THAT hard to make.
…You can also see that kids may be perfectly lucid and yet not. Say the word plant to me, Republican plant, Democratic plant, Communist plant, and I will visualize someone with leaves growing out of their head. (I will not say they are not good looking.)

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