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Logs of May

1 Friday, planned: a/ work on classes, b/ buy tables, c/ decide yes or no on the AP reading, d/ do not work on research.
Actual: a/ worked on classes, b/ investigated tables and decided against, c/ decided no on the AP reading, d/ opened abstract.

2 Saturday, planned: a/ work on classes, b/ cleaning, file clearing; c/ go to nursery, other home related shopping.
Saturday, actual: a/ not done, b/ some cleaning done but no file clearing;  c/ done, but must be repeated, and also made decisions on furniture, namely: priorities are lap/standing desk, new couch, and tiling the kitchen floor.
d/ found a book I owned that talks of modernism and anarchism and it explains a great deal

– I work at the dining table and on the couch, and sometimes on the floor in the back bedroom. I should just face these facts.
– The back bedroom doesn’t want to be a study but a library / media / occasional guest room. If it becomes a study it may need a different bed — let’s say a single daybed, perhaps — and the desk will face into the room, not out of it.
– All of these things may change if the garden becomes more beautiful, but in the meanwhile the reason I turn toward the house and not the outdoors to work is the view.

3 Sunday, planned: a/ work on classes, b/ exercise.
Sunday, actual: d/ lazily read in the book on modernism and anarchism, and heard of some key Lorca links from Mayhew’s blog, including this 1953 radio broadcast of Montero and this article with links that I got from his Facebook page. I have to put all of these onto my Lorca course blog.

It was a pretty day but I was sad, feeling as though my life were over. It was my niece’s birthday and of course they did not call. There are other factors. I will go on more walks, sleep more, try to do more nice things.

4 Monday
a/ I did look again at my abstract
b/ I worked on classes, mainly writing and giving a final
c/ I looked at e-mail, did some service business for a national organization
d/ I want to work out in some way and will do as soon as the final is over. And I’ll write the other final TONIGHT. And the third one TOMORROW.


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August 3-11

It is in August, then, that I will create the reserve list for that class and construct Moodle sites for all my classes. In July I will still read for them. Today I was supposed to start writing — write for an hour, not read — that article. There are all these tantalizing ways to start. One would be a reference to the caged children: we have them in camps (and may start “euthanizing” for all I know) because they are foreign … so racial categorization is not passé regardless of anything anyone says. (I need to stop writing prefaces and write the text, though.)

Also in August, of course, I will visit the ASUC Store and REI.

For my other piece, Max Alvarez has an interesting podcast, that I will listen to. And for class, I am going to retrieve this book from Dad.

Right now, though, it is time to get rid of a few very old notes. These are from a file that had been started on race, hybridity, and coloniality, and they are old.

One of the points they make is that Blackness is not the same thing everywhere, is not experienced the same way everywhere, and so on. Correct, diasporas are hybrid, to refer to “home” is essentializing, and so on. But where I am still uncomfortable is that these points do NOT mean there isn’t such a thing as white supremacy, even when WHITENESS isn’t uniform.

Gilroy’s idea of a Black Atlantic would be a kind of middle ground, say Gordon and Anderson (1999). This might be a good piece to cite as something from the past … but all the other articles in the folder are too passé.


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En torno a los romances fronterizos

I like this article and the writing in it. There is a great deal to say about it. It is out of field for me so there may be more articles like it. I think you should indicate them to me.


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On subjectivity, language and the body

I am plagiarizing this post from the Facebook page of a colleague, and hope that is all right. Look:


Adorno on Benjamin:
“Despite extreme individuation […] Benjamin seems empirically hardly to have been a person at all, rather an arena of movement in which content forced its way, through him, into language.”

Jim Siegel on Clifford Geertz:
“Geertz lectured with an intensity I had never before seen…Geertz to me was not a person but an image of the flow of words through a human body…Geertz, more than anyone else I met as a student, showed me that words need not stay inside the head even if one has no method. All you had to do was connect the parts of your body with them.”


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