Chickens Will Roost

This afternoon on Free Speech Radio News two stories were interestingly juxtaposed. One was of the Pakistani detained at his home in Islamabad by United States security forces. The other was of the September 18 disappearance in Buenos Aires of the construction worker Jorge Julio López. López had just testified successfully in court against one of the security officers he encountered at the clandestine prison Pozo Arana, where he was detained in 1976.

There are two points to be made. First, United States complicity in human rights violations elsewhere is not new. Second, trained torturers tend to continue as members of security forces long after the regime which initially deployed them, is defeated or voted out. This has long lasting effects. It is widely believed that López’ recent abduction was engineered by the same emanations who undertook his original one, thirty years ago.

Today the United States approved a higher military budget. We moved to expand our wiretapping program. We are about to legalize torture and void habeas corpus. It will take some time to revoke these decisions, and longer to remedy their effects.

It would be instructive to reread Tacitus, who was among other things an astute observer of the workings of power. Friday, however, is dedicated to Oxalá. Think of the light.


3 thoughts on “Chickens Will Roost

  1. I have been writing and erasing posts for the last few days, linking to declassified State department docs about Henry Kissinger and Operation Condor and Orlando Letellier and the School of the Americas, but I haven’t been able to put together anything coherent because it is making me so sick. So thank you for this connection. I will post a link to a Naomi Klein story from last year.

  2. What a good post Professor. I heard last night that Kissinger’s voice still prevails in yet another president’s ear. Here’s to those chickens.

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