Poem to be Read and Sung

César Vallejo wrote a ‘poem to be read and sung’, which we can read in English as well as the original Spanish. This and other Vallejo poems have actually been read, sung, and recorded by the late Noel Nicola.

My song sources this weekend are WWOZ and KPFA. On WWOZ, Saturday shows I particularly recommend are Tiene Sabor (salsa) and Tudo Bem (Brazilian). On KPFA, I recommend the stellar Sunday folk show Across the Great Divide.

I am sure Vallejo and all of these singers would agree that it is worth reading this article about China, where a version of the neoliberal economic model was instituted beginning in the late seventies.

I do not know how many examples it will take to finally show that this economic model is incompatible with – no, anitithetical to democracy.


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