A Picture

I am experimenting with images to crown this page. It is more difficult than I would have thought, to find one that works well.

The current header image is detail from the photograph of a Mardi Gras Indian. I took her picture several years ago, at the corner of Orleans Avenue and Broad Street, in New Orleans. I hope she is still in the city, and still masks.

I am finding that grayscale images work best in terms of design. I like this one for the purposes of this site because it is cultural, and local. It is not, however, a picture of any Comandante Cero, or of the Delegado Cero, or of me.


9 thoughts on “A Picture

  1. Is this a test of spirtual enlightenment, if one can see the picture or not? I can see the picture. Obviously, I have ascended to the next level. Thank you, Prof. Zero for guiding me to this point.

  2. Thank you, everyone! The picture, then, is staying for a while: I think it actually is spiritual.

    Now I am at the office. Formerly, I had only seen this template from home. I am not convinced about the pale greenness of parts of the background, or even about the geometric patterns that appear in every single comment. The former, might start seeming sickly, and the latter, repetitive.
    What do you think?

    (Of course, I have not yet figured out how to tinker with WordPress templates, so all of this may be moot.)

  3. Another commentator said, “What is it with the new WordPress template? More often than not this site looks like something a person would see, back in the day, with Mosaic. What problem are you having?” Well, I got tired of Blogger server outages, and of my white-on-black design. I moved to WordPress for various reasons, including the look of their templates, and liking their comment moderation system. I am less sure about the software itself. It appears that if you have your own host, you can tinker with the code as much as you like. But if you have a free blog hosted by them, you can only tinker up to a certain point with each template. It feels to me like working on a Mac. I don’t like not having access to code for all sections of the site. On the other hand, if you really get into WordPress, it seems that you can do a lot with it. If anyone else has more to say on WordPress, or on the look of the site, I’d love to hear.

  4. JoannaO, this is true, but I haven’t figured out how to make them how to act as I would like them to, although if I could modify the XHTML/CSS, I would have that worked out already.

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