White Casket

The radio just played a mountain song, accompanied by a banjo, sung in a minor key. It was first heard during the Civil War, but white caskets are also coming home now.  Activities continue abroad, at black sites.



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4 responses to “White Casket

  1. What a hauntingly sad song.

    Would you be willing to give the call letters of the radio station you heard this on? I would love to tune in if I could.

  2. KPFA – 94.1 FM Berkeley – http://www.kpfa.org – I did not catch the name of the group singing, but it may have been the Abbot Family. KPFA is good for this kind of thing Sunday afternoons.

  3. I just clicked the link and the page reads,

    “Up Next – Democracy Now!”

    Obviously, I bookmarked.

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