Eight Amazing Images

Now I have been asked to post eight images which amaze me. Every image I have amazes me, so I have chosen these practically at random.


Cathedral of Zacatecas, Mexico.


Calendar round from the Techialoyan Codex.


Poster for the ultimate war movie.


Swamp in Louisiana.

Li River

Li River, Quilin, China.

Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon.


Lining up for water in Harbin, China.


Forró band, Pernambuco, Brazil.

Of all these photographs, the one which most amazes me is that of the Li River.

Now I am supposed to tag five people. I will tag eight, but I do not expect them to comply. I tag Wet Bank Guide, Tasneem Khalil, Paper Chase, Mel, Guyanese Terror, Credo, Bint Alshamsa, and Aramaic Carpenter Reel.


8 thoughts on “Eight Amazing Images

  1. beautiful pictures…thanks for sharing them

    and my fav is between the first one – the cathedral and yours – the li river…

  2. That third picture just makes me want to slap the shyt out of somebody, actually, the somebodies in that picture! Beautiful landscapes. The swamp reminds me of my monthly drives over the Alcaphala (you know that was going to be misspelled). I would be so scared. Believe or not, I was scared of the thought of going over and being eaten by an alligator or biten by a snake, but my biggest fear was landing on one of those stumps that stick out of the water. Have you seen the early 1980’s movie “Southern Comfort” or the one, I cannot think of the name, Barbara Hershey lives in the swamp, and her husband forces her to have her baby and then get to work.

    Your melon picture reminds me of a picture I took in Hawai’i of some macademia nuts.

    Oh standing in line for water. That reminds me, I think there is/was a country, maybe, Peru? where the water was privatized, the people could not afford to have water. Do you know what I am thinking about?

    Thank you so much for doing this. It is so fun seeing what everyone has selected.

  3. I was just in Zacatecas. Had coffee out in front of that cathedral every day for like a month. beautiful. I only went in once. There is something about old churches that makes me feel like if I go in during service I’m going to burst into flames 🙂 (and they had service all the time).

    There was a church a couple blocks from that one that they were remodeling and they found a really old dead baby in one of the walls. They thought a woman that lived at the church (maybe a nun?) had given birth and hid it there, buried it in the wall. I always found it strange that people can look at cathedrals and remain in awe of the beauty and still be conscious of the horrific history of the church. We humans are interesting creatures.

  4. Thanks, everyone!

    Moksha – yes, the swamps look spooky, although I am finally used to them and find them pretty instead. That’s acculturation for you! I haven’t seen those movies but I have seen a more cultish one, Down By Law, Jim Jarmusch, with amazing swamp scenes. Also there’s a documentary, Louisiana Story, actually made as oil company propaganda I think, but with amazing photography and great shots of swamp life before modernization and oil moved in.

    Water privatization – this was big news recently in Bolivia, although they had fought it and won, last I looked. But that is not the only place this is going on.
    Luisa – that’s fascinating – a month in Zacatecas, I’d love that! I had a great time but was with a non Spanish speaking friend who had also never been in Mexico, so we didn’t get to go to all of the museums. And we didn’t have a whole lot of time, so we didn’t get to go to all the little towns. I want to go back.

    I heard about the dead baby too: is this in La Merced? It was apparently really common to do this, I’ve heard of convents in Europe with lots of dead babies–some of them the nuns’, and some foundlings. Church weirdness, yes. Beautiful churches, decorated with gold leaf from melted down Native American art…grisly history, yet beautiful images of devotion.

    And speaking of grisly, did you see that Hidalgo’s head is buried in a wall on the main street in Zacatecas?

  5. The landscape is awesome, for Li River, Quilin, China and Lining up for water in Harbin, China is about the little things we take for granted. Thanks for tagging.

  6. I haven’t ignored your tag. I just haven’t had time to assemble my images. I’ll put them up on Toulouse Street (my WordPress odds and ends site) when I’m done, and link you back.

    I figure I better *explain* after I immidiately answered Maitri’s challenge meme.

  7. So they’re called bitter melon! That changes my views about them, the asian store that’s on my doorstep supplies them, but til now I’ve never been tempted to give them a go.

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