As a bearer of the name Zero I must at least mention events in Oaxaca this week, although time constraints prevent me from discussing these in any detail. Fortunately, the Unapologetic Mexican posted on these matters both yesterday and today. So did Written Rebellion and the Woman of Color Blog.

In these last two posts and their discussion threads, we can find the addresses of relevant officials to write, lists of talking points in Spanish and English, and links to additional posts and other sources of news on the situation. Solidarity demonstrations were held today in Providence and New York as well as Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and San Diego.

There is further coverage at Narco News, and we can watch the entire story unfold in La Jornada. The BBC offers some amazing pictures. The riot police with their shields, seemingly covered in metal and standing in a long, straight line, look like beings from el espacio sideral, or conquistadors. Oaxaca also has a beautiful celebration of the Day of the Dead.


7 thoughts on “Oaxaca

  1. Hi, thank you for the links, prof cero. I think you just link to the page URL. Those trackback links dont seem to go anywhere when i click ’em. I’m not sure what the hell the purpose of those are. Maybe i’ll take them off the page template.

  2. i think that americans need to be more mindful of what is happening on our southern border. but then again, it is hard enough trying to get them to take responsibility to know what is going on in our own country. i only know that i admire the people for standing up for what they believe in. i don’t know enough about the situation to make any comment other than that. thanks for the info.

  3. When I was visiting Mexico for research this summer, it was becoming progressively more obvious that the sides were not coming together in Oaxaca, and that weighed heavily on our visit there, and that the elections were not going to improve negotiations any. Solidarity, even though I’m one of those PITA yanks.

  4. I have a special burden in my heart for this situation since I used to live in Oaxaca many years ago. I used to love spending the afternoon eating “molotes” and drinking “jamaica” while strolling the booths in the zocalo. I have prayed in the church that anchors that plaza.

    Today, from the relative comfort of my living room, I pray for peace.

  5. I have been heartsick over all the violence the government is using and threatening to use further in Oaxaca. This is where I’m scheduled to go in March, if it’s possible by then. Otherwise, the plan will be changed. But I had my heart set on Oaxaca, so I, too, am lighting a candle for my brothers and sisters who fight the good fight.

  6. Changeseeker, I’ll bet you can still go. The State Department will probably advise against it, mainly so they can say, “don’t say we didn’t tell you.” But if you have the right contacts, and know how to watch out, which you do, you could have an amazing experience.

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