All Hallows, All Saints, Day of the Dead

All academics know that October, not April, is the cruellest month. Every grant, promotion, tenure, and job application deadline seems to press in October. It is one of my favorite months, for the weather, and the deadlines can be energizing and exhilarating. We polish up our plans, we look at past accomplishments, and we review exciting projects designed by others.

What one discovers about other administrative units and institutions when reviewing grants or evaluating tenure and promotion packets, can be illuminating. It can also be shocking. Given that I live in the United States Minor Outlying Island of Louisiana, I am always surprised to be shocked. I tend to think I have already seen the worst. And yet, I find I am still shocked. This may actually be a good sign.

Happy Hallowe’en! It’s a fall holiday with pumpkins and costumes, and the parties are creative, and you do not have to buy presents. It is the best holiday! And we are well into Scorpio, the sign of regeneration. And my student’s dissertation says that identity is not a unitary thing. Rise, owls! Rise autumn ducks and geese, flying in formation across the sky!


2 thoughts on “All Hallows, All Saints, Day of the Dead

  1. Dear Profesor Zero,


    Having just survived another round of evaluations of the faculty in my department I can tell you it wasn’t easy, but we got through.

    Yes, October is the cruelest month.


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